Grief is a Journey.

Seminar Set

Get a leader’s guide to conduct a Christian grief seminar to help others deal with their grief and their relationship with God. Along with the companion Personal Reflection Workbook & Journal to help others deal with their grief and their relationship with God.

Leader’s Guide

Equip yourself to guide others through loss. This comprehensive guide offers practical strategies and faith-based insights for leading effective grief seminars. As you create a supportive space for those in mourning, you can foster meaningful conversations, and empower participants to find solace in faith.

If you have ever been in a position of having to be with someone who is experiencing grief. It is a time where you feel so helpless. Now there is an answer to the question of ‘What can I do to help?’ Grief is difficult. Do you want to help those close to you or in your church or family deal with their grief? This guide will be all you need to offer a Christian grief seminar. The workbook is a complement to the program that will strengthen your endeavor. Sometimes caring is just not enough.

Workbook & Personal Reflections

Leave your mark on this journey. This Christian workbook offers gentle guidance and space for reflection as you navigate the path of grief. Open these pages, turn the tide of sorrow, and find solace in faith.

When you are going through grief you need to work out some of your grief issues alone with God. This book gives you the framework for doing just that. Time might help but it may not be enough. If you have a seminar to go to, it will make it easier, but this workbook gives you a personal work out time just between you, your grief, and God.



Grief through the holidays.

The Holidays begin in November and just keeps going! November through February gives you most of the big holidays. This Holiday devotional will help you navigate the journey of grief. As you go through the holiday season without your loved one. Each Day offers a scripture reference and a discussion about common feelings. And questions that come up during this time of grief.

Donna J Scott , Author, Managing Your Grief, Christian Leadership Guide, Huntsville al

Managing Grief Day By Day

Death is such a hard thing to have to deal with. It always happens at the wrong time. It always affects you in a way that you do not expect. Often there are questions that have no answers. This is why dealing with it on a day-by-day basis is so difficult. As you go through the
devotionals in Managing Grief Day By Day, you will be able to wrestle with your thoughts about grief and about God’s part in the process.

Are you ready


Dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult. Education does not always help you deal with it. Time does not always help. The common thought that we are all just accidents that will eventually die and go back into the primordial mix is not helpful either. There are few religious books/seminars on the topic. Sometimes we need help from the ultimate healer, who is Christ. And his helpers too. I am posing as a helper of God as through these seminars we look together at the problems that occur as we try to overcome our grief with the solutions that are offered to us through God. I have prepared a leader’s guide to help any Christian group to effectively conduct an 8 week seminar on grief. It with the workbook will help leaders and participants begin and continue the grief processes that will enable them to reach a more comfortable place with themselves and with the creator.



is a board certified psychiatrist who is currently semi-retired. She was trained in the city of Detroit—in its streets as well as its schools of higher education. Her undergraduate degree is in Biology. She finished medical school for her Doctor of Medicine degree from Wayne State University. Donna’s psychiatry certification was achieved at a Christian psychiatric hospital that was affiliated with Ohio State University. For many years, she worked in private practice in Ohio and then in Georgia. She later moved to a small, southern city in Alabama in order to be near her grandchildren. There, she worked more in the community and learned the more practical side of grief. Donna learned that grief is more than an experience that should end in approximately six months. Instead, grief is a journey that, once embarked upon, can remarkably enhance your relationship with God and help you develop into a new and fulfilled person with a mission..

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